Uposatha Calendars 2016

These are the Uposatha calendars for the main traditions for the year 2016. I have changed the format from previous years and instead of trying to present it all on one sheet, with confusing variations, have kept the traditions separate, so the appropriate one can be used.

updated Mahayana calendar 6th January

The reasons for the variations between the Theravada traditions is because the adjustments that are made to bring the moon timings back into line with the solar timings are decided by the local Sanghas.

For those wanting more information on how the calendars are calculated please see this: Days, Months and Seasons in Pali; and to calculate monastic dawnrise and midday anywhere in the world, see this: Calculator for Monastic Dawn and Midday.

I have also added in the Chinese Mahayana calendar, which is followed by many of the temples in Malaysia and Singapore, which are worked out according to astronomical observations, and not in a mechanical way, as with the Theravada.














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